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R&R Outdoor is the tri-state's proven outdoor advertising agency! For almost 100 years, we've designed and distributed outdoor advertising throughout Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. We help our clients tell their story on digital, static, and tri-vision billboards, communicating their message to millions every day. Get in contact today to learn how outdoor advertising can help your business.

We Have You Covered

For boards in the Chattanooga MSA or our 24 county DMA. R&R Outdoor has you covered. In fact, we cover four states to offer our clients excellent opportunities to reach their target audiences.

Bulletin Signs


We publish your message digitally, so there aren’t any printing or installation costs. Because they’re published digitally, we can change the message anytime you want. Digital bulletins also allow you to augment your message to include real time information or test different creatives!

Static Bulletin

The static bulletins are located in highly visible areas and expressways and offer 24/7 visibility. They are historically the most affordable and visible form of outdoor advertising.

Tri Vision

Tri-Vision Bulletins are large billboards made of thin three sided panels. These panels rotate several times a minute to present a new message. Through the movement, trivision bulletins attract attention and drive your audience to read your advertisement.

Why R&R Outdoor

We think it’s simple, we are a local company whose core values carry over into everything we do. We pride ourselves in being innovative and professional in designing a campaign to ensure a successful outcome. We also use the latest technology in design and printing to ensure a design that will pop off the board and draw the attention to your business. Being locally based, our Sign Crew is there to insure your design remains in optimum shape. If a problem occurs we can usually have it resolved the next day to make sure you have the maximum exposure all day, every day.

Our slogan “Proven Outdoor Advertising” is not taken lightly. We realize that you have put your trust in us and we are going to work hard day in and day out to make sure that we earn and maintain it.

Who We Are

R & R Outdoor was established as a local Chattanooga Billboard Company in 1999 but our history goes much further back. R&R was established by Ruby Falls and Rock City, two of Chattanooga’s and the Southeast’s most iconic attractions. Since the late 20’s both attractions have been using outdoor advertising as a primary means of drawing guest’s to their attractions, be it birdhouses, license plates, barns or most notable billboards. They knew it worked and decided to take it to the next level. They believed that by forming R&R Outdoor they could not only promote themselves but also give other local businesses in Tennessee, North Georgia, North Alabama and Southwest North Carolina the opportunity to grow through outdoor advertising as well.

Even though R&R is now owned by Ruby Falls, we don’t forget our past. Just as Rock City’s outdoor advertising campaigns are still a part of R&R Outdoor, we invite you to also join in with us in keeping Chattanooga Strong by advertising local.

Why Outdoor

Outdoor advertising is the oldest form of advertising. Since ancient times, signs have been used to communicate messages. Although technology has changed the way we advertise, outdoor is still used every day throughout the world. At R&R Outdoor, we are committed to helping you reach your target audience 24/7, 365 day a year.

OUTDOOR ADVERTISING — LESS MONEY, MORE EXPOSURE! Let us show you how outdoor advertising can work for you.

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